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Polyarteritis Nodosa Signs and Symptoms

Polyarteritis nodosa belongs to the family of autoimmune diseases called vasculitis.  It is characterized by an inflammation of the blood vessels, and it affects the smaller blood vessels throughout the body.  Men are about three times more likely to get polyarteritis nodosa, and it usually occurs after age forty.  We have put together a list of signs and symptoms of polyarteritis nodosa below.

Also, we have information on diagnosis, helpful books and valuable resources for patients.

The Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Polyarteritis Nodosa include:

  • Fever and night sweats
  • Weight loss and anorexia
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Abdominal pain
  • Muscle aches
  • Joint pain
  • Blood in the urine
  • Tingling and numbness in the extremities
  • Cognitive dysfunction
  • Skin ulcers
  • Impaired kidney function
  • Eye redness
  • Testicular pain and/or tenderness

Polyarteritis nodosa develops slowly over several weeks or months.  It can occur anywhere in the body, though it favors organs such as the skin, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and nerves.

Diagnosis of Polyarteritis Nodosa

There is no single blood test for a diagnosis of polyarteritis nodosa.  The most helpful test is a tissue biopsy, which can show pathogenic changes in medium-sized arteries.  Other indicators are weight loss, leg tenderness, hypertension, and the presence of hepatitis B surface antigen.

Books For People With Signs and Symptoms of Polyarteritis Nodosa

Systemic Connective Tissue Disorders: Kawasaki Disease, Wegener’s Granulomatosis, Goodpasture’s Syndrome, Polyarteritis Nodosa
Books LLC
Coronary artery bypass with saphenous vein graft in a middle-aged patient with polyarteritis nodosa/Poliarteritis nodosa olan orta yasta bir hastada safen … of Cardiology (Anadolu Kardiyoloji Dergisi)
Halil Ibrahim Ucar

Polyarteritis Nodosa Resources

General Patient Resources

  • Office of Rare Diseases Research (GARD)

A US Department of Health and Human Service project providing information on genetic and rare diseases. A comprehensive body of resources on Polyarteritis nodosa

  • WD

Information including symptoms, diagnosis, misdiagnosis, treatment, causes, patient stories, videos, forums, prevention, and prognosis.

  • Vasculitis Foundation Canada

Polyarteritis Nodosa information and resources.

  • Experience Project

Do You Have Polyarteritis Nodosa? Join friendly people sharing true stories in the I Have Polyarteritis Nodosa group. Read hundreds of true stories, share your own story anonymously, get feedback and comments, chat in the discussion forum, help others, meet new friends, and so much more– all free

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Information and Resources for Polyarteritis Nodosa.

Medical Resources

  • Medicine Net . com

Learn about polyarteritis nodosa (an autoimmune disease that attacks organs and tissues) symptoms (abdominal pain, vasculitis, weight loss), treatment, causes and diagnosis.

  • Pub Med Health

Discusses causes, incidence, risk factors, symptoms, treatment, prognosis and complications.