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Men’s Health Issues

List of men’s health related issues.

Penile Cancer
Penile cancer is a cancer that originates in the tissues of the penis. The most common penile cancer is penile squamous cell carcinoma, which behaves similarly to other squamous cell carcinomas of the skin.
Prostate Enlargement | BPH
BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia/ hypertrophy is the medical term for an enlarged prostate gland. When a man reaches middle age, the prostate often starts growing.
Prostatitis is an inflammation or chronic infection of the prostate gland. Prostatitis is a different condition than an enlarged prostate, and unlike an enlarged prostate or BPH, it can affect men of all ages.
Testicular Cancer
Testicular cancer is cancer of the testicles, which are part of the male reproductive system. The testicles produce sperm and male sex hormones, such as testosterone.